When you've asked your dog for the third time what he thinks of your opt-in
and you're still getting that 'Give me biscuits, ffs woman' look...

You start to wonder if your dog is the right person (because dogs totally count as people, right?) to be bouncing your business shiz off.

Side note - if you don't talk biz with your dog, it might be better to leave now. I don't know that we can be friends ;)

Does any of this sound familiar?

You have an idea for starting a business, but you spend all your time researching and trying to sift your way through the raft of low-fat information out there, and ending up with no answers and no time to actually get going.

You're already running your business and you're tired of wasting countless hours watching frustrating pitch-fest webinars for expensive courses that fail to deliver.

You're sick to the back teeth of blueprints, automated client enrolment, passive income promises and laptop lifestyle wankers peddling their cookie-cutter bollocks about running a business whilst doing no-bloody-work.

If it does, it's because you already know that there is a lot of crap to wade through online before you find the answers you need, which wastes valuable time and effort for you as a business owner.
Time you could be using to make money.

Which is why I created Business Without The Bollocks

Working 1-1 over the past 4 years with dozens of hard-working business owners, I was frustrated by repeatedly hearing they were feeling stuck, overwhelmed and exhausted, trying to grow their businesses, thanks to:

  • Wading through pages of all-fur-coat-and-no-knickers free content, dressed up with wanky stock photography with the obligatory pink flowers, that looked great, but delivered very little substance and even fewer answers.
  • Being peddled the never-ending list of shit they 'should' be doing in their business, chasing their arses trying to get it all done instead of choosing the best ways that produce the biggest impact for them and running their business, their way.
  • Having expensive courses rammed down their throat via the obligatory 3-part video series, only to be told they needed their mates' courses too or they'd be a failure forever - and getting no further on in their business.
  • Doing all the above by themselves, boring their families (and the dog) half to death with work chat, as they had no business buddies to share it with who truly 'got' what they were trying to achieve.

Business Without The Bollocks is a Community of No-Bollocks, Kick-Arse Business Owners Who Unapologetically Run Their Business, Their Way. 

No Pink.
No Fluff.
No Stereotypical 'For Girls' Claptrap.

Being part of Business Without The Bollocks Academy helps you to:     

  • Work smarter instead of harder to increase your sales and revenues so you can grow your business, your way.
  • Quickly learn the technical skills you need so you can build your business, your way.
  • Share your journey with a supportive community of kick-arse, no bollocks business owners and get solid feedback and advice.
  • Finally ditch that feeling of overwhelm, once and for all.


What Do You Get From Business Without The Bollocks?


Each month, we work through your business questions together, to get you moving in the right direction quickly, with motivation and purpose.


Sitting down and implementing the training, as a group, with me on hand to guide and assist - or just kick your arse into doing it if necessary.


Each week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, you can get dedicated help and support from me in the Business Without The Bollocks Community forum, or via email if needed.


Access to specially developed training courses on the essential aspects of running your own business. No fluff, to the point and quick to implement, so you can find the answers you need easily.

Got something specific you want training on? Request it and I'll make it happen!


My personal resource library of the best apps, software and services to help you run your business more easily.



Full access to all previous Mastermind Calls, Live Training and Workshop replays, as well as all future sessions. If you can't attend a call live, you can catch up when it suits you - no deadlines, no scarcity bollocks.


Daily access to a private forum, with a kick-arse community of no-bollocks business owners to share your business journey with. No more bouncing your latest opt-in off the dog - get help, advice and feedback from like-minded humans.



Want some extra accountability to make sure you reach your goals? Get partnered with another member of the community each month with our matchmaking service. 



All work and no play makes for a boring life. Each month we have a social call, where we can chat, get to know other members and  have a laugh - like having a virtual office party, but without boring Brian from Accounts.

is this for me?

You're in the right place if...

  • check
    You're not a fan of the cookie-cutter approach, and want to build your business in a way that feels good for you - which is usually the opposite of what the mainstream are doing. You're not afraid to do things differently, especially if that means sticking it to the patriarchy in the process.
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    You're a pulls-no-punches kind of operator, who wants to surround herself with other people just like that.
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    You're ready to start working smarter instead of harder to build the business you deserve.

frequently asked questions

What is the minimum sign up period?

The minimum period is monthly, with a monthly rolling commitment. This means you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Also, if you find you're in a busy period and can't access the site as often as you would like to, you can pause your membership, meaning you maintain access to your current pricing level, but pause the payments until you are ready to return.

Is all the training already in there?

There's already training in the Academy on subjects such as email marketing, launching and content creation, and more is regularly added. The great thing about BWTB is that content is produced to meet the specific needs of the members, so if you request training on certain subjects, I'll do my best to get that training into the Academy for you asap.

There's also new live training being added all the time as well as shorter 'ten minute win' sessions which allow you to learn and implement certain things that will help you quickly and easily.

What if I don't like it?

You can leave at any time, no questions asked. If you're in the first 30 days of membership, you're also backed by my no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee. If it isn't for you, I will refund your payment.

Will I receive anything through the post?

All the training takes place online, from the live calls to the workshops and training packages. There are some live events too, which are optional, such as the annual Business Without The Bollocks Mastermind Retreat. All Academy members get a preferential rate on such events, because being a member means you get access to perks, discounts and information as one of the benefits.

I'm a bit of a dick. Am I going to fit in?

Whilst I praise your huge levels of self-awareness, I'm going to be honest here and say no. Whilst we are a Bollocks Free Zone, and we encourage hearty debate and calling spades by their Latin name (a spade), we aren't dicks about it. Key word here is supportive - we band together, help each other out and that's what helps us all get where we are going faster.

Got any more questions not mentioned here?

Just ask! I'm here to help you make the right decision for you, so if you need any more information or have questions, hit me up at info@businesswithoutthebollocks.com